Declaration of Profoundemocracy

All this world’s peoples hunger for justice, respect, self-determination, sharing, love, adequate means for a decent life of well-being, and the capacity to bring these to fruition on our planet that is brought back to a measure of balance from human exploitation.

If there are 99% who don’t share in the big spoils of materialist selfishness, then there are only 1% and their wannabes who have a real stake in the spoils of that selfishness.  For the sake of estimating the size of the diametrically opposed, call it 5% of humans.

At the core of our beings then, we know that most of us are on the same side.  We know that it can’t go on like this, that it is not good for us, our children, the generations to come, and Mother Earth herself as we know her in these several thousand years of human consciousness.

We can feel in our own confusion the desire for more, for making it, for individualism and taking care of our selves and our own, for ripping off our own little shares in the midst of the Big Heist, for protecting ourselves from the initiatives of those who have less to get more.

We can feel in our own confusion that the 1% et al won’t surrender what they have, won’t let us in– save for a few, how they surround themselves to keep it for themselves with protective barriers such as police, attorneys, and their paid-off politicians. We can feel their selfishness, and elitism as we can feel our own desire to be part of their clan, much as we are stimulated to want to buy and consume, which really just amounts to feeding them more.

Gripped in the psychology of making it and rating the success of our lives on the comfort and amount of stuff we have– love, sharing and the basis for creating true emotional wealth—connection and community—don’t have much of a chance.  We can intend towards that and yet get lost in the difficulties of sustaining our intention and those similar intentions of the members of our circles.  All about us schisms and vicious confused tendencies arise, murderous groups with no beneficial programs and individuals lost in madness and prejudice.  Whole parts of our planets lie in ruins or are in the process of being devastated—by war, pollution, and exploitation.

In the maw of such confusion internally and under the bombardment of our hegemonic, profiteering, self-perpetuating Culture, we need to take a first turn that opens up the brightness of possibility and brings an initial success to the Counter-Culture of love and sharing.

In the US and in many other societies, we still retain the right to vote, however attenuated the impact of progressive voting efforts. To create an alternative cultural force that is pluralistic and broadly accommodating of differences in programs but united as to its general view, focusing our unified will to eliminate the role of money and privilege in our political system is the prerequisite for obtaining true victories on a broader scale, such that they will bring back kindness, sharing, and tackle the very complex nature of environment and population.

It is not enough to focus on eliminating Citizens United.

Our task is larger:

  • Get Money Out of Politics!
  • Amend the Constitution to create a politics of the people and by the people.
  • Build the Movement that accomplishes this by voting NO! to all politicians who will not take up the Constitutional Amendment Process.
  • Vote YES! to all politicians who will stand explicitly for Money Out of Politics!